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About Abroad Trekkers

Trekking Specialist in & around Cusco, Peru

With over 10 years experience Abroad Trekkers is a young and dynamic company. Abroad Trekkers was created by a team whose aim is to provide a true level of satisfaction.

Abroad Trekkers specialize in Adventure and Cultural Trekking and tours in and around Cusco.

We also specialize in a wide range of trekking and climbing destinations, and offer other adventures such as horse-riding, rafting, and bike riding. We are one of the leading tour operators in Peru to apply sustainable and ecological policies in our activities. We have signed an agreement with local communities to secure good wages for the porters and insure community development. Moreover, we donate a portion of our profits into a foundation supporting Schools in and around Cusco.

We strongly support that the teenagers of these native communities finish their education so that they can upgrade socially. Abroad Trekkers complies with all security standards to insure our customers always feel safe and comfortable. We like to provide the best camping equipment, comfortable transportation and quality food for this reason. All our staff are professionals in their field and well-trained in first aid measures. All our treks come with radio equipment, oxygen tank's and first aid kit.

We can assist you in customizing an itinerary. Just give us your timeframe, your interests and your budget, and we will create a schedule to maximize your time in Peru. Abroad Trekkers offers unique tours to select from depending upon your spirit of adventure, curiosity and special interests. As experienced tour operators, we are prepared to tailor an itinerary focusing your main interests, as Peru offers a wide variety of activities and adventures.

Let us do the work while you enjoy the visit! Don't hesitate to contact us by e-mail, fax or phone in either English, Spanish or Dutch.

Our staff has been making all types of travel arrangements, including air bookings; hotel reservations; local transportation, trains and buses; tours, and guides in many cities. As such, we are confident at being able to provide you with the most convenient arrangements and quality services.

We know that where to stay is always an important decision when traveling. Therefore, Abroad Trekkers has a wide range of lodging options available. As generally the "star rating" is not applied in Peru, to help you make a decision we prefer to chart lodging options categorized as deluxe, superior, tourist or budget. Also, our organization has lodgings at several locations in Cusco and offers the additional opportunity to stay with a local family and learn more about the local culture.

We have excellent local contacts in Cusco and the surrounding area should you decided to spend time sharing your talents and learning Spanish. We offer a variety of options to work as a volunteer in the areas of education, healthcare, conservation, business and culture. Tell us your interests and we’ll create a match!



Hi, my name is Fredy and I am the Chief Tour Operator and in charge of the quality of the Excursions and Programs offered by ABROAD TREKKERS. I love when new people visit my country, which is definitely one of the world's biggest wonders!! So if your ready for the trek of your life please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to take you on a tour!!!!!

My name is Jesus, and I'm responsible for bookings/sales. I enjoy my work because I can help the students, answers their questions about us and visit our wonderful country.

My name is Hugo and I work in tour programs and sales. I'll be glad to help you with any questions you might have about your visit to some of the most beautiful places in the world.

My name is Vanessa and I work for Abroad Trekkers Agency. I enjoy my job and here I am a student working abroad. In 2005 I visited Peru and fell in love with the country and have been working here ever since. Come experience the true beauty of the  country and share the culture.

My name is Ioanis (John) and I am the director of the IT Dept. I'm proud to been working with Abroad Trekkers because they are the  most experienced & knowledgeable Trekking Agency in Cusco, Peru. They are also the coolest and most fun group in Cusco's.

What Our Clients Say About Us?

Excellent tour, guide, porters & cook. Hiking through the Andes Mountains was incredible, wish I had time to do the longer trek.

Had a wonderful time! Guides were patient and very knowledgeable of the area. Meals were absolutely fantastic! This is a highly recommend trip.

The arrangements were perfect. Everything was taken care of. The guides made sure everyone was ok all the time. They frequently gave us history lessons.

Everything happened according to the plan! The tour guides were super friendly and the porters are literally green machines! I highly recommend Abroad Trekkers!

Great agency, care about people and also the welfare of their employees! In every details and makes our Peru experience a best life experience!

Ola!! Hiking to Macchu Picchu with Abroad Trekkers was hands down one of the most amazing things i have ever done.

We had a great trip with Abroad Trekkers. A realy good organisation with hard working porters and guides. We would love to travel with them again!

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